PRAXIS is a Los Angeles-based monthly initiative hosted by the IMAP Phd program at USC School of Cinematic Arts. It brings together the experimental design community to engage in a discourse about future cinema and design practice at the edges of the field.

The event:

The event invites creative talents across different disciplines to show new work, share techniques, and build networks of collaboration. The event takes place every month and invites designers, architects, filmmakers, game developers, engineers, programmers, and visual artists to present their work. It is open to anyone looking for an informal place to network and learn about new ideas, methodologies and workflows. PRAXIS is free and open to the public.

The curators:

> Sarah Ciston

Sarah Ciston is an experimental writer and media artist working in prose, poetry and Python. Her work investigates digital intimacies and entanglements through projects like an interactive poem of the quantified self and a chatbot that explains feminism to internet trolls. Published in ZYZZYVA, Hobart, Arroyo Review, etc., and a graduate of the MFA in Hybrid Writing at UC San Diego, she has been named one of SF Weekly’s “Best Writers Without a Book.”


> Noa Kaplan

Noa Kaplan is an artist, researcher, and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. She analyzes and reconstructs overlooked, disappearing, and forgotten collections. Through virtual simulations, physical artifacts, and environments, she invites viewers to inhabit these collections, often at unfamiliar orders of magnitude.

Noa has participated in residencies and fellowships at IDEO, Jaunt, Autodesk, Electric Objects, and Eyeo. She has exhibited recent work at ACME., Rosamund Felsen Gallery, and the Hammer Museum. Her work has also been featured in Business Insider, Wired Magazine, and Discovery VR. Noa earned her BA in Sculpture from Yale University and her MFA in Design Media Arts at UCLA where she developed and taught original studio curricula from 2012 to 2016. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Media Arts + Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.


> Fidelia Lam

Fidelia Lam is an experimental media designer, artist and researcher exploring themes of persona, performativity, opacity and embodiment. In particular, she is interested in the intersection of space, movement and everyday performance, and the influence of transient spaces on the daily performance and perception of identity. Her practice utilizes interactive live performance and installation works to engage and invite participants to reflect on their role and experience within an environment. Fidelia holds an MA in Media Arts from the University of Michigan and a BMus from the University of British Columbia with a double Major in Piano and English Literature, and a Minor in Applied Music Technology.


> Lisa Müller-Trede

Lisa Müller-Trede is a filmmaker and performance artist interested in the performative dimension of virtuality and the virtual in the live event. Her work focuses on the body in its live, recorded and augmented state. Often combining various media in live film shoots or performative exhibitions, she explores the body’s physical limits. This is a core catalyst for her engagement with the body, the camera, the means of the editing room and devices and software allowing for augmented reality. In a recent long-term research project, she juxtaposed physical and cinematographic techniques of cutting to develop a cross-media performative practice.


>Szilvia Ruszev

Szilvia Ruszev is film editor, visual artist and scholar. Her professional work represents a comprehensive approach to independent filmmaking, with more than 30 films in many different formats to her credit. Her own artistic work relates to very personal moments, certain states of emotional solitude in relation to the Other, both in its particular and abstract notion. Her practice-based research project on visualizing editing is seeking for nonverbal ways to acquire sensual knowledge about montage.

Szilvia studied Hungarian and Bulgarian Literature and Linguistics and Filmtheorie at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest/Hungary) and completed Diploma at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, where she worked as a faculty member between 2010-2016. She worked with internationally acclaimed directors such as Peter Greenaway, Anders Østergaard and János Szász and for the short film Wagah she got the Film+ Award for best Film Editing.



> Biayna Bogosian

Biayna Bogosian is an architect/media artist interested in designing urban interfaces that respond to environmental data patterns. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Media Arts & Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.


> Catherine Griffiths

Catherine is a designer working at the intersection of computational design and cinema. Her practice ISOHALE works with new technologies and creative code to visualize data and natural processes, living and non-living systems. She is currently a PhD student in the iMAP PhD program at USC.


> Emilia Yang Rappaccioli

Emilia Yang is an activist, artist, and militant researcher. Yang is currently a Ph.D. student in Media Arts + Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. She is interested in Transmedia Storytelling framed through the question of how it can foster social change and civic engagement. Her art practice utilizes site-specific interactive installations, interactive documentaries, videos, performance, and urban interventions


Send your suggestions for future presenters to: uscpraxis2016.com

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